Corporate Social Responsibility

First Gen will always be a Company for the Filipino nation. True to its slogan of “We care. We dare.”, the Company remains steadfast in its goal to be an industry leader in practicing sustainability, of being a champion of the environment and of the community. As such, First Gen is unflagging in its efforts toward the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Guided by the Lopez values, the Company practices and promotes sustainability through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, investing in opportunities that allow its host communities to grow with the Company. First Gen empowers the respective community relations and corporate social responsibility teams in each of its subsidiaries to implement key CSR programs. These programs result to signi cant contributions to environmental preservation and community development, including livelihood and education that would lead to a better quality of life
for Filipinos.

Environment & Livelihood

First Gen constantly monitors its impact on the environment and the surrounding communities in its various plant locations. Programs are implemented in partnership with host communities to help them become good stewards of the environment.

First Gen’s flagship environment program Center-of-Center focuses on protecting Verde Island Passage, the “Center of Center” of the world’s marine biodiversity. For 2018, the program has achieved:

Improved livelihood opportunities

28 percent increase in fish yield for local fishermen in Lobo, Batangas

364 Bantay Dagat members supported in Lobo, Batangas

Better marine protection coverage

35 marine-protected areas encompassing 1,554 hectares in Batangas monitored and protected by well-trained Bantay Dagat patrol members

Increased ecotourism

165% boost in tourist traffic in Lobo, Batangas

83,000 tourists in 2018 vs 31,584 tourists in 2017


First Gen also conducts the Protect-a-Watershed Tree Growing project which contributes to the ongoing reforestation of the Marikina watershed, a prime water resource for Metro Manila. At the end of 2018, achievements include:

15 hectares reforested in three years within the Marikina area

An additional 3,125 seedlings of native and fruit-bearing trees planted within 2018

At least 10 households engaged in reforestation that provided additional income

Environment & Livelihood

First Gen assumes the role of caretaker of the areas surrounding its power plants. Residents of nearby communities bene t from values formation and capacity- building programs, including training in entrepreneurship (a Lopez Value in itself). Through its CSR programs, First Gen is instrumental in establishing linkages and a support network for community members.


First Gen supports the BINHI program, which provides the input materials and methods for effective reforestation, and funding for forest maintenance and protection. Particularly in the Pantabangan-Carranglan watershed, First Gen supports farmers through livelihood contracts. These activities contribute to their nancial stability while highlighting the importance of their role in environmental protection. For 2018:

The maintenance of 848 hectares and establishment of an additional 90 hectares of indigenous tree species translated to the reforestation of the Pantabangan watershed grassland area.

276 community members benefited from livelihood contracts worth PHP 7.08 million

Cadaclan Farmer’s Association earned PHP16,185 from fruit sales

This year’s trade harvest resulted in farmers upskilling in:

  • Quality control
  • Price-setting
  • Storage
  • Timing of the harvest
  • Networking

78 members of the Villanueve Farmer’s Association selected by the Department of Trade and Industry are to be provided equipment and trained in bamboo harvesting and processing

Education & Environment

First Gen believes that education is a fundamental human right and key to a better future.

In 2018, First Gen addressed public schools’ lack of funds by donating learning materials and providing additional training for schoolteachers, awarding scholarships and education incentives, and providing vocational training, among other commitments:


8 Information, Education, and Communication activities were conducted
in Batangas and Pantabangan, attended by
2,762 students, parents and teachers

18 student/school
projects on climate change mitigation and adoptation implemented

10 community projects
on climate change mitigation and adaptation implemented

12,156 social media hits
on the Create a Poster Project


15 workers were trained and certified in Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)

13 workers passed the Keppel’s qualification test

6 workers received National Certification-2


16 schools and 9,760 students benefited from the volunteers’ repairing desks and tables, cleaning and painting classrooms


224 teachers were provided teaching materials

35 teachers were taught new teaching methodologies

11,418 students received school supplies

228 students from schools with high dropout rates were given incentives

23 students were provided with scholarship assistance for Senior High School (STEM and Tech-Voc)

Community Health and Safety

A healthy community is a sign of progress. This is why First Gen consistently prioritizes the health and safety of the residents of its host communities.

By supporting community clinics, conducting medical-dental missions, and partnering with the Asian Eye Institute for outreach activities, the Company achieved the following outcomes in 2018:

11,459 individuals underwent medical check-ups and were given free medicines

2,080 individuals benefited from tooth extraction and prophylaxis

1,579 individuals received optical care

Disaster Response & Relief

First Gen has been working to increase the resiliency of its host communities to withstand the effects of climate change and to prepare for emergencies.

The Company continues to support the ALERT Center, together with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), as well as Project BASIC. These joint projects of First Gen with the local government units in Batangas continue to build the capacities of the local population for disaster risk reduction and mitigation. In 2018, First Gen supported the training of:

150 church volunteers from Lipa, Batangas in Basic Fire Fighting, Rescue and First Aid Training, and Documents Preservation.

Employee Volunteerism

First Gen understands community building comes with a spirit of nationalism and a passion for social justice. These values are evident in the spirit of its employees’ volunteerism.

Volunteerism programs in 2018 achieved:

442 employees participated in 5 volunteer activities

PHP 382,203 in raised funds benefiting scholars under the Project Employee Power (EmPOWER) program

400 Aeta students benefited from the repair and repainting of classrooms of Nabuclod Elementary School in Floridablanca, Pampanga

2,261 total volunteer hours rendered by employees

1,000 noche buena packs distributed to 14 institutions during the Christmas season

2 scholars graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and are now gainfully employed while 5 more scholars are being supported by employee donations.

First Gen’s various initiatives have evolved into a collaborative effort between the Company, its employees, and its host communities. Imbibing the Lopez values and taking into consideration the UN’s SDGs, these CSR programs show continued progress each year. For First Gen, hope remains strong that sustainability will become an everyday reality.